How Much for a Taxi in North Devon?

You can decide whether taxi fares in North Devon should rise by giving your views to North Devon Council.

They set the prices for how much taxi drivers can charge for journeys. to make sure it covers the drivers costs, but making it affordable for their customers.

To do this, a consultation on the proposal is taking place between 16 June and 1 July.

To take part in the consultation and provide your views, go to the 'Have your say' box on the council website.

Paper copies of the proposal can also be viewed in the reception area at the civic centre.

Chairman of the Licensing Committee, Councillor Joe Tucker says:

"It's very important that all parties engage in this review, especially members of the public, as this is the first consultation on tariffs since 2003.

"Therefore, we want them to give us their views on the proposal, so that we can be sure the new tariff meets the needs of everyone involved.

"Taxi drivers are also being consulted individually."

Once the consultation has ended, all comments and representations will be presented to the council's Licensing Committee for consideration.

The committee will then pass their suggestion for the most suitable tariff to the council's Executive to adopt.