Money Going Begging

Surprisingly few community groups in North Devon have asked for a cash hand-out from the Fullabrook Wind Farm Fund.

Less than TWENTY community groups have applied for a share of the £1million Fullabrook Wind Farm fund.

The fund's available to any  needy community group within  5 kilometres of the turbines.

Over the 25 year  life of the wind-farm nearly THREE and a HALF MILLION pounds is expected to be ploughed into local projects.

Grants can be made for projects costing £500 or less, using a simple application form.  Projects over £500 will need to satisfy a more vigorous procedure.

Forms can be found at

Meanwhile power is being generated from seven of the 22 turbines and the site is nearing completion.

Over the next three months all the turbines will undergo tests and the windfarm should be up and running fully by October, making it Britain's biggest on-shore windfarm and capable of generating 66 megawatts of electrity.