New Play Area for Ilfracombe

14 April 2010, 16:02 | Updated: 14 April 2010, 16:30

A play area in Ilfracombe's been officially re-opened after a £65,000 refurbishment.

Slade Valley play area now has new climbing equipment, swings and a kick-around area.

The refurbishment happened after requests from local people - it's the only place children on the estate can go to play.

That's not the end of the plans according to Neighbourhood Manager Gary Smith, who said: "We've got a group of young people called Junior Citizens.  They've received the cash and we're just about to go to tender to put another playground in the centre of Ilfracombe."

See pictures of the launch day below.

Slade Valley Playground

Slade Valley Playground

Slade Valley Playground

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