North Devon family's Phone-Hacking Alert

The family of murdered North Devon teenager Scarlett Keeling fear they're victims of the news of the World phone-hacking.

Fiona MacKeown
Scarlett's mother Fiona McKeown from Bradworthy. has asked Scotland Yard to check whether the family is included in a list of the newspaper's phone-hacked victims.

15 year old Scarlett was murdered in Goa, India, over three years ago.  Fiona is sure her phone was tapped during their stay in India after her daughter's death in 2008.  She believes people could have been listening in to phone conversations in this country between 2008 and 2010.

A spokesman for the police told Fiona they were still sifting through evidence for 2006 and it may be some time before they come up with a definitive answer.

She told Heart it was terrible to think that their private conversations could have been heard.  CLICK HERE

Two local men have been charged with Scarlett's murder but have not yet appeared in court.