Parking Fines for Instow

3 June 2010, 12:00 | Updated: 3 June 2010, 15:08

Police are warning we will get a Fixed Penalty Notice if we park in front of gates allowing emergency access to Instow beach.

The gates would be used by emergency vehicles if there was an incident on the beach, and are also used by local fishermen and walkers.

There are already notices up in the area asking drivers to keep the gates clear, and police have gone into local restaurants to ask people to move their cars and spoken to local dog-walkers in an effort to stop the problem.

But now, they say the only option left is to issue the Fixed Penalty Notices to try and make sure the area is left empty.

PC Terry Hodgson said: "Should there be a serious incident and either fire engines, police vehicles, ambulances or even the coastguard need to gain access to the beach, we may be delayed in gaining that access."

To hear more from PC Hodgson, click here.

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Instow Parish Council are backing the move.  Parich Council Clerk Roger Jacob said: "Instow Parish Council is concerned that the emergency access gates opposite the Boathouse on Marine Parade is regularly blocked by inconsiderate motorists who park their cars in the immediate vicinity and also on the bus stop nearby.

"Beside the obvious life and death situations this may foil, it is also the source of unnecessary traffic congestion because vehicles, including large buses, are unable to pass at this location.

"The local police have spent a considerable amount of time seeking the cooperation of motorists not to breach traffic regulations but, it would seem, to no avail.

"We, therefore, with some regret, now fully support the police in taking positive action in this regard by issuing fixed penalty tickets."

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