Plotting The Building Plots

Possible sites for around twenty-five thousand new homes have been earmarked across Northern Devon.

Planners from Torridge and North Devon district councils have listed nearly FOUR HUNDRED land parcels for building to 2026.

They are all in a report, called The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA). 

It doesn't mean housing will have to built on the sites, but it does mean planners will be better informed when planning applications are made. And it means there is enough land to meet any future housing need. Being included as a potential site for development does not automatically grant planning permission.

The report has taken two years to compile with the help of land-owners, developers, council officers , estate agents and public agencies. 

To hear what North Devon District Council planning officer Andrew Austin has to say CLICK HERE

And North Devon Councillor Mike Edmunds, Executive Member for Strategic Planning, says CLICK HERE

The report, containing the full results of the assessment, is available to view on the councils' websites at and

The SHLAA identifies potential developable housing land across North Devon, capable of yielding 13,057 dwellings for the period up to 2026. It also identifies a further 12,207 dwellings on the same basis for Torridge.

The SHLAA reveals that both councils can demonstrate compliance with the national requirement to maintain a five-year supply of deliverable housing land. When measured against the requirements of the adopted development plan, North Devon Council can show a 146% supply against such requirements, whilst for Torridge the figure sits at 228%.