Queen Visits Exeter

Thousands have swarmed into Exeter city centre to catch a glimpse of The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh on the Diamond Jubilee Tour.

Her majesty was retracing the steps she took 63 years ago when she named a war-scarred site 'Princesshay'.

Today she returned to a very different Princesshay.  But the thrilled and cheering crowds were probably as keen to catch a glimpse of the royal pair as they were over six decades ago.

And as well as stopping to chat to onlookers - some of whom had waited for more than four hours - she also watched a Forties-style dance and music programme from Exeter College and chatted to three Exonians who'd been in the crowd back in 1949.

We caught up with David Smith, Peter Tolliday and Christina Wherry to hear their stories.  CLICK HERE

Later she went on to Exeter University to open the £48 million Forum.