Research To Help North Devon Families

2 July 2010, 06:00

Families with disabled children who've recently spent time in North Devon District Hospital could help to make things better for others in a similar situation.

The Peninsula Medical School is speaking to local families to try and improve communication skills between hospital staff, disabled children and their families.

It's hoped it'll lead to a training package which can be used across Devon and Cornwall.

The research came about because of the experiences of one parent who already worked with the Peninsula Medical School Team.  Chris Morris, Senior Research Fellow in Child Health said: "The difficulties they had when information had to be communicated to or from hospital staff, it was either mis-directed at the child, or not directed enough at the child."

To hear more from Chris, click here.

In order to get the best information, the team will be speaking to around 20 families - 10 who've stayed on the children's ward at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, and 10 from North Devon District Hospital.

It's hoped that by speaking to families in our area, the team will hear about a wider range of experiences, including those from a smaller hospital.

Although the Ward Sister is already making families aware of the research, anyone who feels they may be able to take part can contact the team on 01392 722 978.  You need to have experience of an in-patient stay for a disabled child at the hospital within the last month.

If you have any further ideas for research the team could carry out, or want to find out what else they're up to, visit their website.

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