Short Term Fix Needed For Old Tip

 Short term repairs to stop waste from an old rubbish tip being swept into the sea in North Devon are likely to cost around £3,000. 

Huge rocks will be put along part of the exposed shoreline at Northam Burrows in the next few weeks and before the next spring high tides expected during the second week in November. 

The site is part of an old tip from the 1940's - Ash from chimneys was used as the base of the road which leads onto the Burrows while the dump site seems to be full of plastic from the old toy factory and carpets or other other textile material. 

LISTEN HERE: Heart spoke to Senior Warden Sean Corin 

The plan of extending the rock armour is so no more of the rubbish is washed into the estuary causing a possible environmental disaster. 

Engineers have agreed on a short term - sticky plaster - type of repair before it can be decided what should be done in the long term. 

The Burrows have halved in the last 100 years due to erosion, now it's a fine balancing act between letting Mother Nature 'do it's work' and human interference. 

There is a public consultation about Northam Burrows taking place - So far only 200 people have been in touch with comments about car parking, tolls and whether the site should be preserved and what can be done in the future. 

See the video below:



Or go to the following: Northam Burrows consultation

There is loads of information, plans and details. 

Even though the deadline is 26th October late correspondence will be accepted.