Sports Bikes for Devon Police

9 April 2010, 14:01 | Updated: 9 April 2010, 14:49

Devon's motorcycle police wing have been loaned two high-performance bikes for six months, to get our attention.

The bikes will be taken to events across the county, rather than used for day-to-day policing, and it's hoped we'll be more likely to talk to the motorcycle officers as a result.

Although the number of collisions on our roads have gone down, MPC Paul White said: "In relation to those on the road already, the number of motorcyclists who are involved in collisions is still way too high, there is still a lot of work to do."

To hear more from MPC White, click here.

The bikes have been loaned for six months by Irelands Motorcycles in Barnstaple and Torbay Motorcycles in Newton Abbot.

Tell us what you think - Is this a good way to get our attention?  What steps do you think should be taken to make motorcyclists safer?  Add a comment below.