Toy Guns Trigger Warning

Police in North Devon say they're being called out to an incident each day involving BB guns.

In some cases it may be that the guns are being fired by children irresponsibly in a public place.  But in at other times it's because the toy guns have been mistaken for real firearms.

Now Torrington's PC Dave Simpson's asking parents to carefully supervise their children if they want to play with BB guns. Ideally parents should keep their children at home with the guns.

Recently PC Simpson had to deal with an incident where a three year old was shot in the face with a pellet.  It narrowly missed his eye and caused bruising to his forehead. 

PC Simpson says the police are obliged to react  seriously when anyone reports seeing a gun...and until officers can confirm it's a toy,  they will treat it as though it's the real thing.

To hear what PC Simpson has to say CLICK HERE