Vile Photos Shock South West Family

Disturbing photos showing the body of teenager Scarlett Keeling are being posted on the internet.

The postmortem photographs have attracted vicious comments which have disturbed her family so much that they have complained to the prime minister David Cameron.

Scarlett was 15 when she was murdered in Goa, India, more than four years ago.

The first postmortem carried out in India maintained she'd drowned. Her mother Fiona MacKeown, who lives near Bradworthy on the Devon/Cornwall border,  took the photos to show the bruising on her daughter's body as evidence, and to support her call for a second autopsy.

The photos were kept by Fiona's Indian lawyer and some showing Scarlett's bruised legs were given to the press.

But the pictures now posted on-line were never released and even show close-ups of the young teenager's face.

Fiona believes they may have been 'hacked' when her lawyer's computer was attacked.

Fiona's been talking to our reporter Wendy Buckingham.  To hear more CLICK HERE

The men responsible for Scarlett's murder have still not been brought to justice.