Bath: Bus Gate Refunds

Fines given to drivers caught in Bath's Dorchester Street bus gate are to be revoked and any money paid will be refunded.

BANES Council have decided to write off the fines 'as part of a review of the experimental scheme'. However, it follows criticism signs warning drivers about the bus lane on Dorchester Street were not clear enough.

They are expected to refund fines totalling at least £250,000 to thousands of drivers who were fined from mid-March.

Here is the full statement BANES Council has given to Heart today:

"Bath & North East Somerset Council is to refund penalty charges to all motorists who have contravened new traffic restrictions on Bath’s Dorchester Street to date, as part of a review of the experimental scheme.

The Council – in response to public concerns about the Dorchester Street restrictions – has confirmed that it has gathered sufficient information to complete the trial scheme. The Council will be reviewing the outcome of the scheme before deciding how to proceed. However, it has confirmed that everybody issued with a Penalty Charge Notice on Dorchester Street to date will have it revoked and anyone that has already paid will have their money refunded.

Cllr Paul Crossley (Lib-Dem, Southdown), Leader of Council, said: “Although the scheme has made Dorchester Street safer for pedestrians, improved passenger bus journeys and made it easier for buses to keep to the timetable, the Council acknowledges that some motorists have found it difficult to adjust to the changes and alter their normal travel patterns. This is a unique scheme with a distinct set of issues.”

The Council has listened to the views of the public as part of this experimental scheme and will be processing all refunds in due course.

Please note there is no need to contact the Council directly – you will automatically receive a refund. Anybody who has already paid by card will have their payment refunded directly back onto their card, and we are working on issuing refunds for payments made in cash. All pending Penalty Charge Notices will be cancelled.

For more information and updates visit the Dorchester Street page on the Council’s website"