Bath: Man dies after falling in River Avon

14 April 2014, 10:41 | Updated: 14 April 2014, 13:11

A 42 year old man has died after he was rescued from the River Avon near his home in Bath on Friday.

It seems Donovan Weale from Norfolk Crescent fell into the water around 9.30pm on Friday night. 

A member of the public called emergency services. Police officers jumped into the water and managed to pull him out but despite their best efforts to revive him - he was later pronounced dead at the RUH.

Mr Weale is the fifth person to drown in the River Avon in Bath since 2009.

Councillor David Dixon, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said, ''The Council would like to express its deepest sympathy to Mr. Weale's family. We will await the outcome of the Police investigation before deciding what steps need taking to improve river safety in response. 

''Although the Council is not solely responsible for managing river safety, it takes seriously its community leadership role in bringing together those organisations and land owners who have a part to play in improving safety. Where we are landowner we will continue to take action and where others are landowners we will support them to take the right measures to promote safety.'' 

The Council has already installed an 850 metre fence on the stretch of the northern public footpath east of Windsor Bridge and improved vegetation management to ensure the path is as wide as possible. 

In line with RoSPA recommendations and following discussions between the Council and partner agencies to further improve safety along the River Avon, work is taking place on the following: 

Funding new signage with hard-hitting safety messages at key entry points on the River Avon pathway - Canal and Rivers Trust are checking grab lines along the River Avon this month - Environment Agency are carrying out a visual inspection of ladders along the River Avon and liaising with stakeholders about any action which needs to be taken - Avon Fire and Rescue Service has provided advice to students at both universities about water safety and the effect that alcohol can have on the ability to walk along a set path.