Bath: New Safety Railings By River Avon

After the deaths of 4 people in Bath this year, extra safety railings are being put along part of the River Avon.

The Environment Agency are putting up temporary railings this week down the left-hand side of the sloped riverside path leading down from Green Park Road.

BANES Council will then put in permanent railings from mid-January 2015.

This comes after a review by The River Safety Group around the circumstances into the death of teenager Sammuel Amin in September.

This latest safety measure has been added to a programme of works planned by the River Safety Group in the New Year.

Councillor Paul Crossley, Leader of Council, said: "As a member of the multi-agency River Safety Group, Bath & North East Somerset Council is to install permanent fencing on this pathway from 19th January, 2015. In the interim, we’re grateful to the Environment Agency for also taking action to put in a temporary fence prior to Christmas. This should act as a barrier to help prevent any future incidents of anyone accidentally leaving this path."

Since 2009, 9 men have died in the river in the city, including four in 2014.  18 year old Sam Amin's body was found in the river in September, 4 days after he went missing after a night out in Bath.