60 seconds with Chris Kaye

Chris Kaye gets Bath going every weekday morning on Heart Breakfast, we knew you'd want to find out all about him, so we asked him a few questions...

What's the worst job you've ever had?

I've never had a real job. The closest I came was a paper round when I was eleven. The early starts, and the bad weather meant I only lasted six weeks.

What's your favourite website?

Facebook for laughing at photos and poking people, Contact Music for artist news & reviews and You Tube for fun videos.

What do you do on your nights off?

I love watching movies, so I really enjoy relaxing at home with a DVD or catching a film at the cinema. I also do a lot of martial arts training. I have been doing karate for three years now and have reached 2nd kyu (that's two away from black) and I am a 3rd kyu in Bujinkan taijutsu. And I am really into self improvement books, I usually have three on the go at once to help me advance my life. 

What's your favourite tipple?

You can't beat a nice cup of green tea, once you get used to the taste. Green tea is very healthy, the Japanese drink it.

What was the first record you ever bought?

I genuinely cannot remember. But my first memory of buying a record was while on a caravan holiday in Hornsea, I purchased Holly Johnson "Americanos", with my own money and everything!

What would be your desert island disc?

Don't ask me that, it's too hard to choose. Tom Petty "I Won't Back Down". No. Train "Drops Of Jupiter". Hang on. Goo Goo Dolls "Iris". I told you not to ask.

Name one thing you are really passionate about.

Magic. I love watching and reading about it. I can even do a couple of tricks myself.