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Tuesday 22nd June 2010:

Got a couple of minutes to spare? Try these vuvuzela games...

Vuvuzela Game 1

Vuvuzela Game 2


Check out this Japanese guy. He recreates the Super Mario computer game on his violin. It's brilliant. He does the theme and all of the sound effects.




Confessions of a Football Widow - part one

Confessions of a Football Widow - part two

Tuesday 8th June 2010:

The way Americans say some words really winds me up. Like the way they say “aluminum”  or pronounce “Bernard”. I can’t remember what I saw yesterday, but I heard some American use the expression “ERBS”. They meant herbs obviously. But dropped the "h". What language they you speaking? Are they French now with your 'erbal teas and your 'erbal remedies.  Well fine, whatever makes you ‘appy.

Tuesday 25th May 2010:

Justin Bieber's latest mishap. Here he is walkinginto a glass door...



Thursday 13th May 2010:

Iron Chef Martin Blunos was on the show today. He's going to be at the Coffee Festival here in Bath this weekend; so I tested him on his coffee knowledge.

Listen to Martin Blunos Quiz


Thursday 6th May 2010:

Do private numbers fill you with dread? I’ve noticed lately people have this horrified reaction when a withheld number flashes up on their mobile phone. There’s this blind panic… and they ask themselves who is this? Is it work? Is something wrong? Who can it be? Is it a family member? Is it bad news? I wonder who’s ringing? Is it a telemarketer? It used to be years ago all you had was a landline, and you never knew who was ringing. You answered the phone to find out. Once you picked up the phone you discovered the identity of the caller. That system worked for years without any problems.  Why then, is it such a big deal nowadays not knowing who is phoning!


Tuesday 20th April 2010:


Forget self cleaning ovens; let me present self shearing sheep - click here

Shattering the health myths; the experts turn conventional wisdom on its head - click here


 Wednesday 31st March 2010:

Lots happening in Bath at the moment. The Duchess of Cornwall is paying a visit to the RUH today and that new Japanese restaurant is getting ready to launch at Milsom Place. And it's the start of the Bath Comedy Festival tomorrow. Expect eleven days of entertainment & events. Find out more - here


Monday 7th March 2010:

I went to Hemel Hempstead at the weekend to a seminar. And I wasn’t exactly sure where the place was. Now why is it you can never find your little map in the car when you need it? I’m still one of these people that refuses to buy a sat-nav.
Do you ever do this when you’re driving? Have a rummage round in the glove compartment for it and you can’t feel it in there. Well, to be honest there’s no room for it with all the plastic CD cases, the can of de-icer, a scraper and a half eaten packet of Trebor mints. And why is it there’s always a bit of fluff stuck to the Trebor mint at the end?
You then try reaching round the back of the driver seat trying to find this disappearing map. And you reach back trying to stick your hand into the pocket on the back of the seat… and in the process practically dislocate your arm.
Of course it’s no where to be seen. You then find it hours later when you no longer need it under the rubber mat on the floor.

It was the Bath Half Marathon yesterday. 15,000 people took part I was at the start line helping get things underway with the Mayor of Bath Councilor Colin Barratt and Bath’s Olympic gold medalist Amy Williams.
I chatted to Amy on stage and she said after a hectic month she’s just going to relax and take it easy. She’s going to have a break, before getting back into the gym and back into her training routine.
But I loved some of the costumes the runners wore. I saw Scooby Do, fairies, a gorilla, a chicken, there were blokes in brightly coloured wigs and someone dressed as Pac-Man. How any of them could see where they were going through the costumes I don’t know.

Monday 1st March 2010:

It was baby nephew's christening yesterday. I was the godfather.

Meanwhile, there is a team building day for the Heart team in London today. So after the show I’ll be on a coach trip to the capital. I just know it will be like a school trip. We will all be behaving like giddy school kids. It’s exciting. It’s a day out of the office.  But I reckon nothing will have changed from school. All the same rules still apply. The naughty or cool kids will be sat on the back seats with the goody two shoes sat at the front. What is worrying though, is I think my boss is one of the naughty kids. That could end in disaster.

Monday 22nd February 2010:

My other half Melanie went on a hen do at the weekend. Her friend Sarah, who she’s known since college is getting married in a couple of weeks. So they all went out in Bath. They went to Revolution and the Blue Rooms.
She then had a burger from Mr D’s van. He’s the one that is on Milsom St, just down from Waterstone’s is. Where that American magician usually stands and does her stuff. But this is why our city is better than other places around the country. We have a better standard of burger van. Those burgers don’t just get slapped on a bun and handed to you to put ketchup out of those huge, red squeezey bottles… no! They’re almost like gourmet burgers because they come serves with caramelized onions and relish. That’s a class above your typical burger van.  

Monday 15th February 2010:

Last week on the show I got you to suggest some creative ideas for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to prepare something in advance for my other half Melanie, as a change. Usually I leave it all to the last minute.  The idea I went with was a romantic treasure hunt. I left little cards and clue around the house which directed Melanie to various little presents I’d bought for her…

See the treasure hunt video here


Wednesday 10th February 2010:

Are you worried about how clean your supermarket trolley is? Then you need one of these - click here


Tuesday 9th February 2010:

Blondie have announced a West Country date for the summer with an appearance at Westonbirt Arboretum as part of Forestry Commission Live Music where bands perform in beautiful woodland locations around the country. Blondie will be performing at Westonbirt on Sunday 20th June. Tickets cost £33.00 and go on sale at 9.00am Friday from the Forestry Commission box office tel 01842 814612 or buy  online.

Check out the Valentine's Day ideas from the show - here

Friday 15th January 2010:

My car goes in for an MOT today. MOT day is always nerve wracking. It's never a question of will it pass first time, it's always how much will it cost. I don't think I've ever had a car that passed first time. I dread that moment after the MOT has been done and the mechanic gives you the report and explains everything that is wrong with it. I just nod and pretend like I know what he's talking about, when really I have no idea. The only thing I understand is if he says I need new tyres or there is a bit of rust. Otherwise it is like a surgeon describing a complicated medical procedure. But I do feel like, as a man… and this is really stereotyping a man now… that I SHOULD know about cars and how they work. When I take it to the garage to be fixed and I have no idea what the mechanic is saying to me, that a little bit of masculinity is taken away… because there is a certain expectation that as a bloke you should know about these things.

Have you ever made a cookery show meal? I've never made one. Yet I will still and watch them all the time. You'll have Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay there on screen getting all passionate about the food, give you step by step instruction of how to make it, they'll enthuse about the flavour and present it on the plate so it looks amazing. You'll be salivating at the sight of this masterpiece on the plate. But it has never once made me actually get off the sofa to prepare a similar meal. I don't think we really want to learn how to cook, we just want fantasy escapist food.

Tuesday 12th January 2010:

Watching TV for more than four hours a day nearly doubles your risk of dying from a heart attack. Couch potatoes are 80% more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than those watching less than two hours a day. What about if you’re watching sport? Does that cancel out the negative effects?

There was a joke in the sun newspaper yesterday which went like this… Doctor, doctor I’ve swallowed the film from my camera. The doctor says “well, we’ll just have to see what develops”.
There must be kids of a certain age who have no idea about cameras that use film. They will only be used to digital cameras and camera phones. They won’t have experienced taking six rolls of film to Boots and waiting three days to have them all developed. Or if you were in a hurry you would pay extra to have them done in an hour. But it would mean you’d spend 60 minutes looking at shampoo and toothbrushes in store until they were ready for you.

Monday 11th January 2010:

Have you noticed how even though Bath has been covered in snow for the last week; pupils and workers have been unable to get into schools and work, that the shops have still managed to sell out of goods? Sales of shovels, indoor heaters, deicer, scrapers & flasks have all gone up.
So lots of people have been virtually stranded at home, but they still managed to get to the shop and panic buy milk and bread. Any excuse for an extended Xmas & New Year break, that’s what I reckon.
And have you tried buying a sledge in the last week… they’ve been sold out everywhere. 

Tuesday 5th January 2010:

Hundreds of Brits are planning to slip away to a hotel made entirely of ice - despite one of the coldest UK winters for years. Managers at Romania's Ice Hotel say more than 300 couples from the UK have booked rooms for breaks this year. The luxury hotel - where guests sleep on ice beds and eat from deep frozen plates - is built entirely of giant blocks of ice. "The guests wrap themselves in fur and thermal clothing and enjoy the fact that everything is frozen. I for one will not be doing that because that hotel pretty much described the feel of my house this morning when I got up. So I get a similar experience everyday with everything being frozen for free.

Do you remember those photo booths you used to get in Boots or Wollies where you’d try and have your picture taken, and all of your mates would be in the background pulling faces, and you would see how many people you could squeeze into the photo?
There’s a company from Bath, called Groovy Booth who’ve taken that concept and put their own spin on it. They hire out these booth out and you can use them at weddings and parties. They come with an attendant and a box of props, so you can have pictures done with wigs and silly glasses on.
Anyway this company from Combe Down has just done the wrap party for X Factor in London. Joe McElderry, Stacey Solomon and Jedward all use it. In fact the twins John & Edward love it so much they had 60 photos done. Mind you they probably needed 60 photos to fit their hair in the frame.