Crack Cocaine Found At School

19 November 2012, 12:02

Crack cocaine was taken into a Luton school by a youngster and given to another pupil.

Luckily the package was spotted by a teacher at Denbigh High School and police were called to the school.

Enquiries revealed the drugs belonged to 21 years old Samuel Hoque from Spencer Street, Luton..

Police went there and found a large quantity of Class A drugs consisting of crack cocaine, cocaine and heroin.

Luton crown court was told that none of the youngsters at the school had taken the drugs and Hoque hadn't been aware that part of his haul had been taken to the school.

The court was told a youngster aged around 12 had found the drugs and then taken them to the school on 1st May this year.

Unempolyed Hoque, described in court as a street dealer, appeared for sentence having been convicted at the magistrates court of three charges of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply and possessing criminal property in the shape of £700 found at his home by the police.

The court heard the stash of drugs police discovered at his home consisted of 30.8 grams of crack cocaine, 100 grams of cocaine and 94 grams of heroin.

All the drugs had been prepared for street deals and were in a total of 224 packages.

Claudette Elliott prosecuting said the drugs were worth between £5,210 and £10,100.

Recorder Barry Kogan was told that three youngsters at the school had been made the subject of referral orders because of what had happened.

During a police interview Hoque told officers he was in debt to the tune of £2,500.

He claimed he had been asked by someone if he wanted to "make some cash" and as a result received the drugs to sell on.

Miss Elliott told the court "The crown submit he was a street dealer."

Recorder Kogan ordered the forfeiture and destruction of the drugs. The £700 was also confiscated.

Henry Day defending said "He hadn't asked for the drugs be taken into the school. That's not the case."

He said Hoque was unaware that part of his haul had been discovered and had no idea the drugs had been taken into Denbigh High School.

He added "He is not making excuses or trying to blame other people."

Recorder Kogan told Hoque "You were clearly in my judgement a street dealer. You played a significant role and I am going to sentence you on that basis."

He sentenced Hoque to three years in a young offenders institute.