April Fool's Flasher

7 April 2011, 17:58

Investigators in Bedford are appealing for information after a man exposed himself to a woman as she walked her dog at lunchtime on Friday 1 April.

At around 12.20pm, the 27 year old victim was walking along The Slipe, Ford End Road when she was stopped by a man who asked to borrow her lighter.

She handed over the lighter and he put it into his pocket saying “April Fools”. The victim laughed thinking he would light his own cigarettes and hand the lighter back, however he then made an inappropriate comment and she decided to leave. She called her dog and began to walk away, however the offender then exposed himself and made further comments.

The offender is described as a white man with an Eastern European accent of around 35 years old. He was approximately 6 feet tall with a stocky build and broad shoulders. He had flat, cropped brown hair and a round face with a big pointed nose and thin lips. At the time of the offence he was wearing a khaki green coat with a brown and cream fur hood and cream trousers. 

Dawn Cooke, investigating said: “This was a traumatic experience for the victim who was simply going about her daily business. There wasn’t anyone in the immediate area at the time, however we are keen to hear from anyone who recognises the detailed description of the offender or who may have seen him in and around the area.”

Anyone with information can contact Dawn Cooke on 01234 275125, call the main switchboard on 01234 841212, text to 07786 200011 or call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111