Domestic Violence Packs Given To Schools

6 April 2011, 17:35 | Updated: 6 April 2011, 17:37

Schools across Bedfordshire have been given a new information pack which offers youngsters help and advice about dealing with domestic violence.

The ‘Safe and Sound Education Pack’ was launched at an event in Flitwick last month which was attended by 130 people including teachers, schools staff, parent support advisors and school nurses.
The educational resource comes in the form of a disc which includes flexible lessons plans for all classes from reception years, right up to school leavers. The information included on the disc demonstrates safe elements of relationships as well as highlighting areas of risk or danger within the home.

Jane Moakes, Assistant Director for Community Safety, Public Protection, Waste and Leisure at Central Bedfordshire Council said: “Domestic violence is something that is often very difficult to talk about or come to terms. By informing youngsters at an early age we want them to be able to identify any problems and have the confidence to talk about them.

“Domestic violence is an issue that affects the whole family and we want to get the message out there that people do not have to suffer in silence. Help and support is available now."

As well as useful information, the disc also contains a range of age appropriate publicity materials which schools are able to print off and use within the classroom.

For further information about the pack please contact Further information about coping with domestic violence can be found at, and