Family Gets Racist Abuse At Home

7 August 2013, 16:00

A family from Bedford have been getting racist abuse at their home on Devizes Avenue.

Literature about Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan has been put through the door, along with films on DVD and VHS with themes about racism.    

A video tape of the film 'A Time to Die' which has a central theme about violent racism in the southern USA was the latest to arrive.

On Saturday (3rd August) they had the lock on their front door glued.

PC Kerry Jones is investigating this case and would like to hear from anyone who may have seen the items being posted through the door on Saturday or anyone acting suspiciously/hanging around in the road.

"We've retrieved the items that have been posted through the door and will be forensically examining them to see if there are any leads to help us find out who has done this.

"Like much of Bedford, this is a diverse area and there's no obvious reason why this couple and their three children should have been singled out and subjected to this offensive and criminal behaviour.  

"If you saw or heard anything unusual on Saturday or have any information at all that could help us, we'd like to hear from you."