Freeview Viewers Need To Retune

31 August 2011, 11:00 | Updated: 31 August 2011, 11:11

Thousands of TV viewers could be left without channels because of Digital Switchover technical changes that have taken place.

People living in nearly a million households in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and parts of Milton Keynes and Hertfordshire who receive their TV through an aerial from the Sandy Heath transmitter near Bedford need to retune following the changes, which took effect early on Wednesday 31 August 2011.

Further retunes will be required on 28 September and 23 November.  Additional retunes may be required in 2012.

The changes come after transmissions from Sandy Heath went all-digital in April 2011.

Viewers have to retune because the frequencies being used to broadcast certain channels are changing as TV transmitters neighbouring Sandy Heath go completely digital.  The August retune coincides with the switching of the Waltham transmitter in the East Midlands, the September retune coincides with the switching of the Oxford transmitter and the November retune with the switching of the Talconeston transmitter in Norfolk.

Peter Montieth from Digital UK said "if you don't retune, you do potentially lose bundles of channels so you just need to do a quick retune.  Whatever you did at switchover in April, you just need to do that again."

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