Granddaughter Of Murdered Man Pleas For Witnesses

29 May 2013, 06:00

The 19 year old granddaughter of Sharif Demirsay has told Heart she wants justice after he was stabbed to death at his home.

It happened between 9-9:30pm on the 14th May on Vineyard Way in Kempston.

Police believe Mr Demirsay was targeted as his murder was so brutal- also because money and jewellery was stolen from the home.

His granddaughter, Nina Gill, says the family will never get over what has happened, particularly her grandmother as she witnessed the murder and was also injured.

Miss Gill says he was a loveable man who cared very much for his family:

"Every time we'd go round to see him, all us girls, he'd give us a big kiss on each cheek and a massive hug, like a bear hug, and we'd have to scream and shake him off"

DI Tim Redfearn from Bedfordshire Police says they have three murder suspects who were seen on CCTV walking to the house and then minutes later seen running away.

He want's the publics’ help to identify the men:

"If you did see the three men hanging around prior to them going in or running away afterwards, we know they went right as they came out of Vineyard way into Hartwell Drive, if you saw them we'd be really glad to hear from you"

DI Redfearn says they don't know why these men targeted Mr Demirsay 

He says he was a good family man who wasn't involved in crime.

Anyone with any information on the murder of Sharif Demirsay can call the police on 01480 422791 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.