Heart Hears Near Death Stories

7 December 2012, 16:14 | Updated: 7 December 2012, 17:41

Heart has been to hear the stories of four people from Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire that survived accidents that could have killed them.

Two years ago 10 year old Maddy Richardson from Stotfold had to be taken to hospital in a helicopter after being impaled on a fence.

"A Frisbee went over the fence and i didn't want to disturb anyone so I climbed on the wall beneath the railings and slipped and fell on them"

Maddy managed to pull herself off the spike while the friend she was playing with went and got her mum Keren:

"Maddy was sort of stood half doubled over, then lifted her top and showed me her injuries"

Keren said it was the most horrific injuries she'd ever seen.

Magpas, a volunteer team of paramedics arrived to treat Maddy, she was then flown in an air ambulance to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridgeshire.

Maddy's mum told Heart she believed someone was looking down on Maddy that day because she unbelievably managed to escape any serious internal injuries.

Clive Potter from Stevenage told Heart about how he survived after falling off a boat and getting his foot caught in the propeller.

Clive managed to get himself back on the boat but was loosing a lot of blood- he lost his foot but says he feels lucky to be alive:

"The doctor, who with the Magpas team came and saved my life, said I probably had about 10 minutes to go because the blood pressure was so dangerously low and I did in fact pass out and I thought that was the end of my life"

Also sharing their stories with Heart was Hayley Matthews from Letchworth and Sheharoz Afsar from Luton.

Hayley received serious injuries when she was involved in a car crash on the A505 heading towards Royston.

Sheharoz Afsar survived after been flung 45 feet from a quad bike.

He'd been ridding the quad in a farm in Charlton when the front wheels hit a hidden railway sleeper.

He broke his collarbone but was told he would have died if he hadn't been wearing a helmet.