Home-start Packs Help Bedford Families

17 April 2012, 06:00

The charity Home-start has spent the last three months handing out survival packs to struggling families in Bedford.

Manager Wendie Lovatt put 100 of the packs together.

They were filled with things like children's blankets, torches and hot chocolate sachets.

Then, around 70 volunteers helped hand them out to families that can't afford to turn the heating on or buy food.

Wendie told Heart that poverty in the town is getting worse and they have more people than ever needing their help.

Nine areas of Bedford are recognised to be within the most deprived in the country.

11,000 children are estimated to be living in poverty.

Wendie says:

"Often I'm going into a home and I'm sitting trying to work with a family with my coat on because its so cold yet theirs children running around. I've known families to actually go without electricity for 2 or 3 days"

Home-start have noticed a difference in the people that have been coming to them for help recently.

In the past it has only been families on benefits but now there is more demand from people that work full time yet struggling to provide for their families due to the rising cost of living.

Wendie says the future of Home-start in Bedford is not certain because every year they struggle to get enough funding but they are hoping to make and hand out more survival packs soon.