Kempston Men To Parade In Their Pants

15 September 2013, 06:00

For the fourth year running, men in Kempston are doing the 'Parade In Your Pants' for testicular cancer.

The parade first started in 2009 when local man Adrian Course was diagnosed with the cancer.

"I thought I had a hernia, I could feel a massive lump but then I went to see the doctor and he says its cancer, it was hard at first but I soon got my head around it and just wanted to get on the with treatment"

Adrian has made a full recovery but he says at the time of his diagnosis he knew nothing about testicular cancer

So now, with the help of his friends and family, he's raising awareness by getting men to join in with a 3 mile walk around Kempston (stopping at a few pubs along the way!) with their pants on show.

As well as the parade, there'll be 'Family Fun Day' at Kempston Hammers.

In the last three years the event's raised £23,000 for Orchid and this year they're hoping to get that total to £30,000

To find out more about the parade and how to take part you can look on their Facebook page here.