Man Attacked With Knife And Axe

2 November 2013, 08:54 | Updated: 2 November 2013, 09:09

A 26 year old man has injuries to his head, leg and face after Halloween robbers attacked him with a knife and a small axe in Bedford.

The victim was visiting a friend at the time in Lorraine Court flats, on Grange Road.

Around 9:30pm on Thursday 31st October two Asian men in Halloween masks, like those used in the film Scream, came to the door pretended to be 'Trick or Treating'.

Once the door was opened they barged their way inside the flat and taped up the man and his 24 year old female friend.

They injured the 26 year old man with a knife and axe while demanding money.

They left with cash and two mobile phones.

Detective Constable Mike Armstrong is investigating the case and wants to hear from anyone who saw the two men entering or leaving the block of flats last night.

"The injuries to the man are very nasty and obviously this was a very frightening incident for both people involved. 

"Officers have made extensive searches, forensic examinations and knocked on doors in the area but there are bound to be people who were around at the time that we haven't yet spoken to."