Police Confiscate £2m From Criminals

1 May 2013, 16:00

Bedfordshire Police have taken £2 million pounds worth of cash and assets off criminals in the county in the last financial year.

They're able to do this under the Proceeds of Crime Act which allows them to confiscate assets that have been purchased by a convicted criminal as a result of the criminal activity.

Confiscated Range Rover BackHeart asked Detective Inspector Pushpa Guild, Head of the Financial Investigations Unit, what happens to this £2 million:

"The money seized goes to the home office but a proportion of that is returned to forces to fund crime fighting initiatives and crime fighting initiatives"

Two of the items police have seized are a gold Rolls Royce and a sliver Range Rover.

The cars have been returned to the force and have been branded with the words "This used to be a drug dealers car, now its ours!"

Police hope this will send out a warning to criminals that their luxury items will be taken away from them when they get caught.