Pre-School Faces Closure

26 January 2010, 12:02 | Updated: 26 January 2010, 12:06

Leaders of a pre-school in the village of Broom near Biggleswade are fighting to keep it open after they were given a month to leave the village hall.

They claim they have been given no reason why they have been asked to vacate, and are now trying to persuade the hall's trustees to allow them to stay.

"We have two members of staff that would have to be made redundant", explained the pre-school's chairman Jessica Andrews.  "We have children that don't have childcare places and it also has a knock on effect to the Lower school in Southill.  So the long term effect of this is that it won't just have a detrimental effect to the pre-school but on the village school as well.

Mrs Andrews tried to get a reason why they've been issued with a notice to leave from the Chairman of the hall's trustees Sue Jones: "She informed me that she didn't have to give a reason", said Mrs Andrews.  "I then asked her out of courtesy if she would give us a reason just so we could understand, at which point she said that the trustees no longer wanted a playgroup/pre-school in the village hall."

Listen to Mathew Williams' full interview with Jessica Andrews by clicking here...

The trustees of the hall have told us that they are waiting until later in the week to respond.