Pregnant Woman Jailed For Glass Attack

14 June 2011, 12:26 | Updated: 14 June 2011, 12:29

A pregnant woman who attacked a student with a glass in a pub has been jailed for four years.

Jaime Stewart thrust a glass she was holding into the face of Thomas Wright after he stepped on her toes while dancing inside Harveys bar in the High Street, Bedford.

The victim, a rugby playing university under graduate, needed more than 40 stitches to his ear and the side of his face.

Judge Michael Baker QC said he had been left permanently scarred and his life had been 'disrupted' for several months following the assault on October 1.

The Judge told 21 year old Stewart at Luton Crown Court on Monday: "I am quite satisfied you were affected by drink and your victim had plainly had too much to drink himself. You saw his action as provocation when none was intended and you smashed a glass against his face causing extensive cuts.

"Your act was impulsive but the jury found there was a brief intent to cause serious injury.

"To some extent your violent behaviour may be the result of a neurological condition but it is not suggested you lack the ability to control your actions.

"It is material that you are now expecting a child, but your pregnancy started after the incident."

He rejected an appeal by Stewart's barrister, Stephen Crouch, to suspend the sentence.

Mr Crouch said Stewart was diagnosed with a neurological condition when she was nine. "It has hit her very hard and has had a significant effect on her emotional development.

"A suspended sentence would be merciful but deserved in this case," he said.

Stewart, of Gillespie Close, Bedford, pleaded not guilty to wounding Mr. Wright with intent, but was convicted by a jury last month. She pleaded guilty to a charge of assault on police when she was arrested outside the bar.