Pub Lunches Served In School

22 November 2011, 06:00

The Greyhound Pub in Haynes has started supplying hot meals to more than 50 children at Haynes Lower School.

It all started in September when head teacher Denise Burgees found out over the summer that Central Bedfordshire Council were not going to renew the contract with the current supplier. She was told that if the school wanted to keep serving hot meals they would need to find their own provider.  

Denise Burgees says:

"We were really keen to keep providing hot meals for our children so thats when we approached the Greyhound, we wanted to work with them to keep the meals within the local community"

Previously the school only served around 8-10 hot meals a day but now they are serving more than 50.

Sean Wilson runs The Greyhound Pub and delivers the hot meals to the school. He told Heart what was on the menu:

"We created a menu along with the head teacher to meet all dietary requirements... today its roast beef but they also have spaghetti bolognese, home-made chicken goujons, cottage pie, lasagne"

Sean says its great to get involved with the community.


He has two children of his own at the school so he says it is nice to know they are getting a proper meal.