Pub Removes Pippa Middleton Sign

6 September 2011, 05:53 | Updated: 6 September 2011, 07:43

A pub sign showing Pippa Middleton's bottom has been taken down after the pub received a complaint.

The sign showing the Duchess of Cambridge's sister from behind has been on display outside The Queen's Head in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.  Brewery Charles Wells say they don't want to cause offence, and have removed the sign.

The Queen's Head had temporarily taken down their traditional sign showing Catherine of Aragon - and for the Royal Wedding, put up a sign showing Kate Middleton.

The owner of the pub Richard Hammond told heart: "We were doing our bit to celebrate the big day but one of our grumpy locals muttered 'Whatever next, you'll be showing the backside of Pippa Middleton'... so that's expactly what we did!"

The Queen's Head sign then showed a picture of Pippa from the rear, showing her with the shape of her bottom in the now famous figure-hugging bridesmaid's dress.

The brewery said they only had one complaint, but didn't want to cause offence so it had to come down.

Landlord Richard Hammond reckons the sign has been well received by people in Ampthill.  "All the locals and everybody have thoroughly enjoyed it," he said.  "People have been going past and taking photos and it's just been a hoot from start to finish.

"One local resident complained, registered his indignation and I think that worried people [thinking] if we let them get away with this, what are they going to put up next?"

The landlord's son, Daniel, with the sign

Pippa Middleton pub sign