Pupils sing up in Bedford

Pupils at Shortstown Lower School near Bedford have been in full voice today.

They've been taking part in National Sing Up Day. 

Primary school children across the country have been warming up their vocal chords and are taking part in a record-breaking singathon as part of the National event, which is being supported by West End Star of Oliver Jodie Prenger. 

It’s the first choral celebration of its kind in the UK, aimed at helping children find their musical voice and help primary schools and teachers discover more about the developmental benefits of singing for behaviour, confidence and cross-curricular learning. 

With the help of a National Sing Up Day resource pack, every primary school across the country is being encouraged to become part of recording history. All they need to do is record their own version of an official song using new online technology. Songs that are submitted before 26th March will then be combined to create a mass choral extravaganza. 

Sing Up is part of the National Singing Programme that aims to put music at the heart of school children’s lives. Supported by £40 million of government funding, it includes online help for primary school teachers and parents to encourage children to sing every day. The resource consists of a website of lesson plans and tips for introducing singing into the classroom, as well as audio tracks and easy to follow music. 

The overall aim is to ensure that all schools for primary-aged children throughout England are ‘singing schools’ by 2011. 

The Kids at Shortstown performed a special concert for HEART and you can here two of their songs here

Shortstown Song One

Shortstown Song Two - Shine