Sandy Allotment to Become a Cemetery

9 June 2010, 08:09

A much loved allotment in Sandy is to be turned into a cemetery and users are devastated.

The 37 plot owners are fighting back against the decision to get rid of their current site.

Sandy Town Council says they are going to take back the allotment next to the cemetery, to make way for an extension to the burial ground. Work is set to begin in September.

The allotment has a waiting list of 90 people and it is a popular place for families.

Allotment holders grow all sorts of fruit and vegetables. Some have been gardening there for more than 30 years and many use their produce to feed the whole family.

The council says it cannot find anywhere else for the allotment to move to. They are asking for anyone with any alternative land to come forward.

But allotment holders have promised they will fight the council to the end.

Andrew Havergal has a plot. He has been telling Heart no one wants the allotment to go. Listen to his full interview here.