Sandy Cub Group Gives Help For Heroes

23 April 2010, 05:00 | Updated: 23 April 2010, 06:27

Children from the Sandy Saxon Cub Pack have produced a collection of poems, letters and prayers for 'Help for Heroes'.

The books will be sold locally and flown out to soldiers in Afghanistan thanks to RAF Henlow.

Every year the Pack chooses a charity to support for a year and for 2010 they've chosen Help for Heroes.

"One of the cubs brought in a Help for Heroes mug and keyring, and we didn't need any arguing or debate, we just all looked at each other and said 'Help for Heroes it is'", said Sharon Bate, one of the Assistant Cub Scout Leaders at the Sandy Saxon Cub Pack.

"People can either purchase a copy of the book, we're asking for a minimum donation of £1.  Or they can make a donation and then donate the book to a serviceman or woman that's out in Afghanistan."

Here's a selection of the poems, prayers and letters in the book:

Dear Servicemen and women,

You are fighting for our safety, to have our freedom.
We believe in you.  We have faith in you to bring this World to peace.
I hope to see you soon when the world has come to peace.
Stay happy and believe in yourselves
We will never forget you and we will never forget this.

Your friend
Kaitlynn Rigby, age 10


You are our heroes,
You help us out.
When we need it,
We give a shout.
When there is bad,
You help around
So we can have a happy life.

You are trustworthy
And that can help
Get rid of the bad,
Make a peaceful and happy world.
You give freedom
For those who want
Some choice in their lives.

Katherine Culbert, age 10


Dear God,

Please keep our Servicemen and women, safe.
They are fighting for our freedom and risking their lives for ours.
Please watch over them and return them home soon.

Lucas Lyko, age 9