UK's Hottest Chilli Grown In Bedfordshire

15 September 2012, 08:00

The heat is being turned up in Bedfordshire- a farmer from Blunham is growing officially the hottest chilli in the UK.

Salvatore Genovese claims the Bedfordshire Super Naga is four time hotter than the famous Scotch Bonnet and 400 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce.

It’s taken Salvatore years to develop the crop- he told Heart growing it involves a lot of patience:

"It is one of the most difficult chills to grow, to germinate it takes absolutely for ever and it's very very slow growing but that’s what gives it it's high intensity of heat"

He's the only person in the UK growing the Bedfordshire Super Naga and he's signed a deal with the supermarket Tesco, which is the only place it can be brought.

Salvatore says he enjoys eating the chilli but warns those with a lower tolerance need to be extremely careful with the Naga:

"You do not want to take a chilli and put it whole in your mouth and eat it, do not do that, you will be in serious pain"

But he says that doesn't mean it can't be enjoyed- one idea suggested is to cut the chilli open and rub it on the plate before putting on the food.

So we put them to the test. Here's Paul Smith from the Heart Sales Team giving it a go.