Man Chased And Robbed By Gang of 30 Men

2 November 2012, 08:00

Bedfordshire Police are appealing for witnesses after a man walking on his own on Halloween night was chased and attacked by a howling mob of around thirty teenagers.

The victim was struck around the head with an object, believed to be a brick, but continued to run away.

As he approached a gate, he had to slow down to get through it and one of the offenders grabbed his rucksack which contained his mobile phone and other personal items and made off.

The victim managed to escape from the gang and police are appealing for witnesses to the violent robbery which took place in Houghton Regis on Wednesday evening.

The 32 year old man was walking along Parkside Drive in the town at around 6pm.

As he approached the junction of Dolphin Drive, he heard people running behind him and turned to see a group of around 30 males heading in his direction. Scared for his safety the victim started to run away and was chased by the group who were shouting and swearing at him.