The attacks

Thre separate attacks took place in Bracknell between November 2009 and May 2010

At approximately 4.30pm on 4 November 2009, a 16-year-old girl was walking in the Warfield area of Bracknell. A man walked past her, then stopped and asked for directions. As she was about to reply, the man grabbed her by the neck, said he had a knife and stole her mobile phone and iPod. He then forced her to get into a parked car, putting a hat over her head as a blindfold. The man drove her to an unknown location, apparently stopping on the way to open two gates. He took her up four steps into a caravan or trailer, where he subjected her to a serious sexual assault. By threatening to harm her and her family, the man made her promise not to tell anyone what happened, before driving her back and letting her go. The girl arrived home at about 6.30pm and told her parents she had been robbed. However, she became increasingly distressed and eventually told her mother the full story eight days later.

On 6 May 2010, a 14-year-old girl arrived at her home address in Bracknell at about 5.15pm. She noticed a scruffy man behaving suspiciously in a nearby alleyway. Shortly afterwards she answered a knock at the door to see the same man standing there. The family's dog was barking and ran outside, so the girl went to put it in the kitchen. She returned to find the man inside the house. He demanded money, then grabbed her by the arm, threatened her and forced her to walk along the street with him. The girl eventually managed to break free and ran off to raise the alarm with a neighbour.

Later that same evening (6/5), a 15-year-old girl called her mother at around 6.25pm to say she was on her way home after taking part in sporting activities at her school. As she walked along in the Wildridings area of Bracknell listening to her iPod, a man grabbed her by the neck. He threatened to kill her, put a hat over her eyes and forced her into a car. He then drove to an unknown location, stopping on the way to open two gates. He took her up four steps into a caravan or trailer, where he threatened her with a gun and subjected her to a serious sexual assault. The man then drove her back to Wildridings, still blindfolded with the hat. She returned home to find police there, as her mother had reported her missing.

The three incidents were linked by police and an investigation was launched by Thames Valley Police's Major Crime unit. Despite their ordeals, the victims were able to give police detailed descriptions of the offender, his clothing, the car journey and items present at the scene of the crimes.

CCTV footage recovered by detectives showed a black Toyota Celica belonging to Terry Bryant, with distinctive mismatched wheels and a non-standard bonnet, travelling along Crowthorne Road at 6.36pm on 6 May, very close to the time of the third abduction, and again at 9.03pm, close to the time the girl was dropped off.

During the early hours of Wednesday 2 June, detectives called at Warfield Turf, Malt Hill, Warfield, passing through a gate and a metal barrier. This was on the back of information received by a member of the public the previous night (1/6). Parked at the site was a large trailer with barn-style doors, approached via four steps. Officers found Terry Bryant inside the trailer and arrested him on suspicion of kidnap, rape and attempted kidnap. Parked at the site was Bryant's black Toyota Celica, from which they seized a laptop computer. A grey Toyota was also seized.

Bryant was taken to Maidenhead police station for questioning. As they left the interview room, a detective noticed something on the floor and picked it up. The object was a memory card from a mobile phone. When analysed, the card was found to contain indecent images taken during one of the sexual assaults. The laptop seized by police from Bryant's car also contained indecent images of children. Detailed investigations by Scenes of Crime officers recovered fibres and other forensic evidence that established links between the victims and the offender.