£100m to fix Hampshire's potholes

31 March 2010, 15:13 | Updated: 31 March 2010, 15:21

Hampshire County Council's announced it plans to spend £100m improving the county's roads over the next 15 years, to stop things like potholes becoming a problem again.

The main work will start in 2011, but from this month, around £12.5m is being spent to get the roads back to the state they were in before the snow.

A dedicated team is being brought in to carry out the work and to work alongside groups of "Pothole Busters". The council hopes this will make the roads more resilient if more bad weather hits in the future.

Councillor Ken Thornber, Leader of Hampshire County Council, said: "The task before us is colossal and not one that can be resolved overnight which is why we recognise that we must develop a strategy that will ensure our roads can withstand the rigours of bad weather and cope with the volumes of traffic regularly seen on our network."

The council's warning us, though, to expect more roadworks over the next several years, while the repairs and upgrades are carried out.