Arson team for Hampshire

1 April 2010, 12:00

A team dedicated to investigating arson is being set up in Hampshire.

It is one of a range of improvements the county's fire and rescue service plans to make over the next three years.

Arson has been highlighted because it is the single largest cause of fires in the UK.

The service is also looking at other ways to improve:

  • Starting from April, a "speed of response" standard will be set for the three main types of call outs:

1) Life­threatening and other critical incidents – to arrive in 8 minutes
2) Non-critical incidents – to arrive in 15 minutes
3) Other incidents – to arrive in 60 minutes

  • Each day will see up to three fire engines and their crews on "second-line availability". They will carry out more training and safety work but if needed can help on the front line.


  • Special teams will be created to tackle small fires. This means crews needed for major critical incidents will be free for front line duties.


  • A review will be carried out on staffing numbers. It will examine all front line and support staff to make sure the service is running efficiently.