Bracknell Burglary Down By A Third

Heart's been told fewer houses are getting broken into in Bracknell.

Between April 2009 to April 2010 there were 64 burglaries in the town, compared to 93 during the same period the previous year.

Detective Inspector Nick Evans is in charge of cracking down on burglary, robbery and car crime in Bracknell. He's put it down to consistent policing:

"The idea is to have a sustained approach week in week out rather than having operations every now and again. We're consistently working with offenders to keep the offences down.

He went on to tell Heart his officers are determined to keep the figures low:

"I don't see it as figures, but as victims. For every burglary there's a victim, and the impact of a burglary can be very significant. And that's the driver for me and my teams - fewer burglaries means fewer victims."

As well as successful reductions in burglary, vehicle crime has also gone down.

37 cars were stolen in the town last year, down from over 50 the year before.

185 vehicles were broken into from 2008-2009, with this reduced by 35% to 199 from 2009-2010.