Bracknell six year old takes 1st steps.

A Bracknell family - whose daughter's walking for the first time in her life - still need to pay for the operation that made it possible.

Six year old Isabella has cerebral palsy and has recently had 40 thousand pounds worth of treatment in America.

Isabella's condition...

Isabella Mays has Diplegic Cerebral Palsy and underwent an operation in America in April so she can walk for the first time.

Up until then she used a walker to get around, or crawl along the floor when she is inside the house. Her mum Tracey told us that can often make Isabella frustrated, especially as her twin brother has no such condition, "It effects the whole family. When you're going out she really wants to walk. She gets frustrated and upset when there's things she can't do.

Going to America...

After hearing about a little girl from Dorset with the same condition as Isabella, who was treated at a hospital in Missouri and given an operation called "Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy", so Tracey got in touch with the same hospital.

St Louis Children's Hospital offered some hope to the family, "The hospital told us we needed to get hip X-Rays, spine X-Rays and an MRI scan. We had to send all that information on disc to America, along with a video of Isabella so they could assess her movement."

The specialist doctor at the hospital in the States is confident the operation, along with physiotherapy treatment, will help Isabella walk.

Tracey told Heart that will mean doing normal activities that all children enjoy, could finally be possible for Isabella, "Even going to the park is difficult as she can't get on all the equipment and gets upset as she is so determined. She is getting too big for the little swings and the big swings aren't safe for her."

Mum Tracey Mays speaks to Heart here

Funding the trip...

The cost of the whole trip was at least £40,000 which the family paid for with a loan and through fundraising - click here to find out more and see pictures of Isabella taking her first steps.