Breathable chocolate goes on sale

A new zero-calorie way of getting your chocolate fix has arrived in the Thames Valley.

Breathable chocolate 'Le Whif' has gone on sale at a department store in Reading.

It comes in a lipstick-sized inhaler.  By breathing in tiny particles of chocolate - or coffee - you can get the experience of eating or drinking them without actually having to consume them.

Le Whif inventor David Edwards, professor of biomedical engineering at Harvard University and founder of Artscience Labs, says:"Le Whif uses particle engineering to form chocolate and coffee in microscopic sizes that are small enough to become airborne, though too large to enter the lungs."

Le Whif comes in four flavours - chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mint chocolate and coffee - and each inhaler costs around £1.99.

They are currently available at the House of Fraser store in Reading, and selected other House of Fraser, Fenwick and Bentalls stores across the UK.  It's hoped they'll eventually go on sale in lots more shops and supermarkets.

Le Whif