Cliff-top safety

28 April 2010, 06:00 | Updated: 28 April 2010, 07:49

Nearly all of the secondary schools across Berkshire have now had a talk on cliff top safety, after the death of a teenager from Wokingham.

Paddy Higgins died falling from a cliff in Newquay during a holiday to celebrate the end of his GCSEs. Since then, his family has been campaigning for better safety measures in the seaside town.

Geoff and Chris Brown, from Newquay Safe, have been touring schools across Berkshire since January to give advice to pupils heading to the seaside resort this summer, in an attempt to prevent another tragedy.

Chris told Heart it is about making the teenagers responsible for themselves, "We know they come to have a good time, but the town cannot baby sit them. They've got to have some responsibility for themselves and they've got to respect themselves and respect the town aswell."

Geoff told us the town already tries to cater for it's under-18 holiday-makers, but they also need to look out for one another, "We run a range of events and put bus services on to club nights with a dry bar and no alcohol. We also organise fun activities for the teenagers to take part in during the day.

Most of the teenagers come down to us in big groups. They need to learn to look out for one another. If there is alcohol involved and someone in the group is a bit worse for wear, that's when the rest of the group need to pull together and keep an eye on them."

So far, the couple have taken their message to more than fifty schools across Berkshire, and have more than twenty more talks booked up here until May.

If you want to arrange for Geoff and Chris to come into your school, you can call them on 07866334681.