Fewer homes in flood-risk area

10 November 2010, 06:00

A new map's been drawn up by the Environment Agency showing which buildings are at risk if it rains a lot.

The new flood map shows good news, with over 1,620 properties in Caversham and West Reading removed from the flood map altogether.

1,590 properties have been reclassified in areas at lower risk.
However, around 65 properties are in areas reassessed as being at higher risk and 102 properties are in areas that have been added to the flood map.
Area Flood Risk Manager Barry Russell said:

“We would urge all residents to check whether your property now lies within our flood map and, if so, to sign up to the Environment Agency’s free flood warning service where it is available.
“While we can’t control the likelihood or frequency of extreme weather events, we can help people to be better prepared for any future event by reducing risk and building flood resilience, both individually and as a community.”
The Environment Agency says all home and business owners living within the flood map need to be aware of the risks, and to plan and prepare accordingly should the worst happen. 

You can check your level of risk and find out how to be prepared for flooding by clicking here