How would you spend your council tax?

11 December 2010, 06:00

People in part of the Thames Valley are being asked how the council should spend their cash

There are just a few days left to tell West Berkshire Council how to spend your money.

Until Friday 17th December you can use an online 'budget simulator', to find a way for West Berkshire Council to save 9.2% from their budget.

The 'budget simulator' site groups the Council's public services into 'rows' where you can say whether more or less money should be spent on these particular things.

The implications of each suggestion are given throughout the process and the results will help councillors set the budget in the new year.

Try it for yourself by clicking here

West Berkshire Council Leader, Graham Jones, said:

"The economic recession has had a big impact, and the need for adult social care is also making huge demands on our budget. Deciding where to make savings is a difficult job, and we'd like residents' views on how this could be done."

Click here to have your say on spending in Basingstoke by clicking here to fill in their questionnaire.

Basingstoke and Deane Council Leader Andrew Finney, said:

"We have worked hard in recent years to make savings and put ourselves in a strong financial position so that we don't have to make any knee-jerk reactions this year. But with reducing public sector funding, we need to focus on doing what matters most to our residents."