Mount Everest challenge

26 May 2010, 11:52

22 year old Bonita Norris now wants to do the South Pole.

Twenty-two year old Bonita Norris has been training for two years before completing her climb of Mount Everest, but has now wants to take a team to the South Pole in January 2012.

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Bonita was expecting it to be really tough, speaking before she set off she told Heart:

"You're going up really high in the atmosphere so there is less oxygen to breath so altitude sickness is a real problem. It's fatal. People also get really cold, hypothermic. The death rate is one in ten."

Bonita spent the last two years focusing on her challenge, running and cycling six days a week and training with her personal trainer.

She is doing it to raise money for Global Angels who work to empower children around the world. She has already raised £18,000 and is hoping to raise more, by auctioning off three personalised flags to take to the summit. She has also managed to get her sponsor, Mobile Phone Top Up, to pledge 5p from every ATM phone top up to go to Global Angels.