Newbury maternity campaign

25 February 2010, 09:54 | Updated: 25 February 2010, 09:58

Heart has been told there are no plans for a maternity unit in Newbury, despite a campaign from a group of mums in the town.

Elaine Davies is one of those who wants the town to have its own maternity unit, "If you look at the planning and the building work that's going on, we're going to have an increase in population of 20 percent. That means we need our own maternity services."

At the moment, mums have to travel to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading or the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital to have their baby. But Elaine said this can be very stressful, "when I went into labour the roads were icy and there were roadworks. I was worried I wouldn't get to Basingstoke on time. Being in labour is stressful enough without worrying if you're going to make it to the hospital."

NHS Berkshire West have told Heart there are no current plans for a unit in Newbury, although they welcome views for improving health care and there may be a change at some point in the future.

In a statement, the PCT said, "We provide an efficient and well run maternity service which meets the demand placed on it. This includes a comprehensive maternity unit and a midwife led team at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, and a home births service in Newbury.

Our maternity service follows strict government guidelines ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

This is reinforced through the local Maternity Services Liaison Committee, an independent advisory group which plays a key role in monitoring and improving all aspects of maternity care in Berkshire West."