"No Trick Or Treat"

26 October 2010, 06:00

Vulnerable people across the Thames Valley are being encouraged to print off posters to stop trick-or-treaters knocking on their doors over Halloween.

Thames Valley Police have told Heart the signs worked well last year, but now they're saving money by putting them online for everyone to download instead of spending loads of tax-payer's cash on printing bills.

It's hoped young people will see the signs in people's window and move on without harassing people.

As well as being available on the Thames Valley Police website, neighbourhood teams will also be giving the poster out to vulnerable members of the community.

This year officers are chatting to people in their local areas, using these posters and also an interactive youtube video to try to deter anti-social behaviour across the region.

A police spokeswoman told Heart:

"The main point we want to get over is that teenagers should have fun when trick or treating but sometimes you can be influenced into doing things that may seem minor at the time but could have massive impact on not only people inside the house but to their life as well."

A similar poster is being handed out in Hampshire. Click here to get yours.