Mum helped with heating costs

A single mum from Reading says her fuel bills were so high she was struggling to buy her kids a new school uniform.

There are 16 thousand people in Reading strugggling to keep their homes heated this winter.

But mum of four Susanne Jobarteh from Reading has just been given a life line....

The Citizen Advice Bureau have helped her understand what benefits she's entitled to and saved her from paying too much for her fuel bills.

And she told Heart she can now spend the money she saved on buying school uniforms for her two youngest children, "I was living in private rented accommodation and because I had sash windows the money was literally going out the window and I couldn't keep my two boys warm. Since getting help I now have extra money to buy the children extra uniform for school and have a little bit of extra money to do things with them as a single parent."

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CAB have now saved 163 people in Reading 14 thousand pounds in fuel costs.

If you think you're paying too much and want help sorting out your fuel bills, then call:  0845 071 6379 or go to: